Motivational Speaker/Transformation Coach

Meet Kimberly Patterson "The DO Coach"


When it comes to living a purposeful life, The DO! Coach is committed to inspiring men, women, and youth in how to discover their “Inner DO!” Kimberly can help YOU design a path for a more fulfilling future and a greater life. She firmly believes that people perform best when their personal strengths are developed and challenged through synergistic change.  As a result, she successfully connects clients with their true purpose and potential.

Kimberly stands strong and gifted as a Transformation Specialist, Motivational Speaker, Author, Executive and Performance Coach her unique techniques have inspired clients to change what’s important in their lives by getting up ‘DO!-ing’ . Kimberly, The DO! Coach combines reverence, with energy and movement to powerfully deliver a message to the world that the possibility to achieve an active, prosperous life awaits within everyone who chooses to get up and DO!.  




Kimberly greets you with her dynamic energetic personality. With hilariously packed messages, she will captivate any audience as she ushers them into a new way of thinking and processing a better tomorrow. 

Have you ever thought one way and was convinced it’s the only way? Kimberly’s all but real surprising truth’s will challenge you to dive deeper in your thoughts and show you other ways of getting to your desired results. 

As a motivational orator she will take you on a journey of self-discovery, illuminate your talents and help you to become one with your sweet spots. 



As an executive, personal, and performance coach Kimberly's main goal is to act as an adviser, support, and provide insight to personal growth and development.  She is confident that you will experience great wealth in each coaching and counseling session rather it is one on one or in a group setting through the power of process movement and visual thinking. We  utilize different creative tools and meditative practices specifically geared to you or group, Our techniques helps to achieve a greater opportunity for a successful outcome.